Everything you need to know about #PlasticfreeJuly

We are about to start the month of July and the planet is shouting at us that action needs to be taken. A heat wave is hitting Europe and the high temperature are not just “because it’s summer” but because an extraordinary phenomenon that has not happened for more than 15 years. 

Therefore, we must take action now. A small push would be to join the challenge of social networks #plasticfreeJuly. In this post we will write a little more about it, anyway this is our way of seeing the challenge of plastic free july, other people may approach it differently and equally validly.

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#FuturisticFebruary, a challenge to visualize our monthly waste

February has come to an end, and with it the #FuturisticFebruary challenge. Although we initially joined because of the instagramers @sustainable_duo, it is actually a fabulous challenge for any month of the year as well. The idea is to collect all your waste for 30 days (28 in February) to get an overview of our monthly waste. Do you want to know how much trash we produce in 30 days?

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