Zero Waste Dog’s toys

Regarding pets and sustainability, in this blog post we would like to talk about sustainable accessories for them.

This post has been written by Raquel, along with her inspiration Jenna. They both will write abouthow to strike a balance between sustainability and quality.

Dog’s toys


Hemp and cotton cords can be used as a biting toy. Betty Woof brand is my favorite. It is a Swedish brand that manufactures hemp rope toys. This hemp is not treated with chemicals or pesticides. It is 100% natural. Each toy is made by hand and they are very strong and durable of an unbeatable quality.

Antler chews

Reindeer horns are a good solution for chewing because they keep them busy and it is as well healthy for their teeth. My favorite company is Tundrada. It is a Finnish company owned by Eline, that only uses antler horns found in the forest. Therefore, the antler have felt naturally from the animal.

Additionally, she offers the possibility to laser cut the name you wish on the horn.  Tundrada was the first company that guided me to zero waste pets, since no plastic is used in the packaging.


Another way more DIY is to reuse some blanket or some type of fabric and make a thick braid with a good knot. It’s Jenna’s favorite toy! There are many more ideas on this web


The two straps that I have tried are cotton and hemp.


My cotton leash is fromGreen Trout Outfitters, here you can see their Instagram. This rope is made of 100% natural cotton. Each rope is handmade and the dye is permanent and waterproof. It can be washed in the washing machine without any problem.

Anyway, if your pet usually throw the rope, get a thick one, because cotton tends to be a little elastic and can be uncomfortable.


My hemp rope is from Hemp Chewer, we talked about them in this post. This rope is the one that I use daily in our walks and it is my favorite. It is handmade, very resistant and hard but at the same time it is soft and solid. It is of an unbeatable quality and is made of hemp.

This rope is available in two sizes, one for large dogs and another for smaller ones. The length is available in two sizes as well. One of 150 cm and the other of 110 cm. However, you can also ask for a customized one.



Jenna’s nylon collar is from Geopetric, you can also see more in its instagram. Their collars are made from ecofriendly materials and recycled plastic bottles. They also make identification plates of wood, cork bows and nylon harnesses.


Her hemp necklace is also from Hemp Chewer. She offers different models; with fabrics and prints and also hemp only.


The cotton collar we have is from KNOX Dogwear. They are 100% cotton fabric collars and  also includes a bow or bow tie that can be put on or taken off.


My collar is also from Hemp Chewer. It is made of natural cork with gold-encrusted details. Its base is made of hemp cloth. Moreover, it can be accompanied by the magnificent rope of hemp of the same brand with the handle of natural cork to the set of the collar.


Hemp and cork

Currently, I do not have any harness for Jenna, because with the collar we have enough. But if in the future I decide to buy one, it will be of the Wigglywoos brand. This harness is made of hemp and cork.

Natural dog tags

Antler tag

My reindeer horn plate is from the wonderful Tundrada, you can see more on his Instagram.


My wooden tag is from Kai’sha Wood Tags. It does not have a web page, so you can only order the tag through private messages on her Instagram. Their plates are made of natural wood with the name and phone number engraved.


Solid shampoo

Lavender is my favorite aromatic plant, so when I discovered the Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve shampoo, I had to buy it.

It is a solid shampoo made of natural materials, it is vegan and not tested on animals (except dogs, obviously) and they do not use any plastic in their wrapper. Jenna’s one is made of lavender. You can buy lavender shampoo here.

antiparasitic shampoo soap

If what you need is an anti-parasitic shampoo for this summer with all the bugs stalking, my recommendation is the Herbolario Sol de Invierno brand. It is a company in

Madrid that manufactures all kinds of products for dogs. It is a solid 100% natural shampoo for dogs that contains tea tree oil, as it has fungicidal and bactericidal properties. Your website is. You can buy soap here.

However, do not forget that in regions with high prevalence in leishmania, ehrlichia or other diseases associated with vectors, it is necessary to prevent with stronger deworming treatments. This falls within the veterinary preventive medicine.


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