zero waste back to school

Returning back to school, to the routine, to the University or to the office in September always brings us strength and energy. It is a new beginning and, of course, full of illusions and ideas. Because we are going to start over, and the beginnings are full of energy. I propose that this time the beginning should come full with good energy and plastic-free!


I am one of those who believes that, in some aspects, traditional is beautiful.

  • Pencil of wood with graphite of all the life, because is also  biodegradable.
  • I have a metal sharpener, which is many years old.
  • Similarly to the pencil, I use highlighters are made of wood.
  • However, I use a normal eraser because I have not found another alternative.
  • Pens: either I collect them in the street or conserve ones that got years ago and the I buy replacements.
  • Fountain pens: Bare refillable, these are the best option.

How to join pages

Taking notes

To take notes in the university I used my laptop directly to avoid using paper, but if I need to print I use recycled folios or reuse those that I find that have not been used on both sides.

However, what I do is that when buying a notebook, it should fulfill this criteria :

  1. To be compostable, being plastic-free
  2. If possible, let it be recycled
  3. Look in neighborhood bookstores to help small business
  4. To use only a notebook for all subjects
  5. I prefer to use loose sheets in my wooden folder, because I have had it for a long time.

In this video by Béa Johnson you can see how to reuse sheets to make a notebook.


Finally, I have a backpack that is already many years old and it’s still new, I recommend investing in a good backpack that lasts as long as possible.

But if you are looking for a new one, please follow this tips and look for:

  • Quality
  • Sustainability
  • Fair trade

Think twice.


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