Minimalist and plastic-free bathroom

The bathroom is an important part of our homes to reduce the unnecessary waste. I will explain here how we have done it to achieve a plastic free and zero waste bathroom. Additionally, we will discuss other alternatives to some items.

That’s all we had in our zero waste bathroom

We have based our style on the minimalist movement, which has helped us to observe and evaluate everything we have. We began to check what we had in our drawers or shelves in the bathroom and if we really needed it. To do this, you have to answer the following questions:

  • Do I really need it?
  • Am I really using it?

Therefore, everything, that we didn’t use in the last 90 days, we considered to be donated. That included as well small flasks, creams, makeup…  Therefore, when we just began decluttering we donated to friends everything we bought once but never used again. We took our time. Additionally, we put some items in a box and reevaluate it again in a few days. Sometimes we just needed to reconsider our thoughts because we tend to give items more value than they really have.

Once we reassessed everything we wanted to keep, we waited until finishing everything we wanted to replace for plastic free alternatives: shampoos, toothpaste…

It’s not about throwing everything away and replacing it with new things! but buying new and sustainable ones once the other are finished. So, I’m going to make a list of the products we have in the bathroom, all them vegan and plastic-free.

What is in our plastic free bathroom?

1. Face washing

Part of my morning routine includes cleaning my face with a Konjac sponge. Konjac sponges are made from the dried and ground root of the konjac, native to Asia. Moreover, it has enough innate cleaning properties on its own that works by using it with just water. Moreover, it is completely compostable. 

We use it with lavanda soap, we got them from Hydrophil.

2. Solid soap and shampoo

First swap we did was to try out the solid soap and shampoo. It was such a discovery to find out that this shampoo was way better for my hair than the liquid ones. Anyway, you can look for many brands and give some of them a try. It might be that it takes you a bit until you find the one.

Our shampoos and soaps from Tante Olga

Mention that there are alternatives such as the NoPoo movement that consists of washing your hair only with water or with vinegar. I haven’t tried it yet, but many people have very good results with it.

3.Bamboo toothbrush

Of course, we couldn’t skip this swap: the bamboo toothbrush. There are way many brands out there and the easiest item to find in (almost) every zero waste store. However, when we first went zero waste and plastic free, there wasn’t any store nearby so we bought them from Amazon. This one has bristles of active carbon, compostable and vegan.

But, of course you can look for the ones that suits better to you. Just don’t forget to separate the bristles in case they aren’t compostable (normally they are made of Nylon).

4. Toothpaste

Here you can watch the video of our DIY recipe (3 tablespoons of coconut oil and one of baking soda). But if you aren’t 100% sure about it, don’t worry, there are more alternatives. One of them would be to look for solid tabs (with or without fluoride).


Additionally, there are brands such as georganics or lamazuna that also offer plastic free alternatives for our dental care.


5. Dental Floss

We didn’t need it until recently, but we bought it after our dentist recommendation. Therefore, we looked for one  vegan option made of active carbon, also from georganics.


6. Solid deodorant

Aromaco from Lush has given us very good results and 100 gr lasted almost 7 months. There are other alternatives, such as bicarbonate and water or alum stone, but we haven’t tried them.

Anyways, there are other brands like We love the planet that offer also a plastic free alternative. 

7. Makeup and makeup remover cloths

I only use eyeliner and it is not yet over since we started our zero waste adventure, 3 years ago. The last one I have is cruelty-free but in plastic.

But if you are looking for zero waste brands, these are some of them:

To remove the eyeliner I use reusable 100% cotton pads  with a bit of coconut oil and castile soap afterwards.

8. Ear swabs

There really is no need to use ear swabs, and plastic ones also represent one of the biggest environmental catastrophes. But, I know that many of you cannot live without them. In that case, you can always look for in Amazon for bamboo and compostables ones.

However, we have already decided that as soon as we finish this bamboo ones, we will go for reusables ones. There are available in bamboo Lamazuna or in stainless steel.

9. Toilet paper

We bought it from a German online store called Smooth Panda from bamboo. However, in my opinion, this is not the best solution, ideally should be from recycled paper or use a toilet shower. I don’t recommend reusable alternatives since many diseases can be faecally transmitted and we have to be careful in this regard. But, many zero wasters do reuse small towel pads just for peeing.

Finally, the other possibility is to install a toilet shower. They help to reduce toilet paper, can be found for less than € 30 and fit directly to the water intake to the tank. Alternatively, there is the Happy po that consist of a small hand shower. 

10. Face and hand moisturizer

We us natural oil (such as olive or coconut oil) for both the face and the hair and it helps me a lot. It helps a lot, and hidrates very well, you car read more about it here. If you are looking for a plastic-free solutions for lips balm, we use this here. 

11. Nail clippers, scissors, tweezers …

All the other bathroom utensils are many years old and made of stainless steel. In this sense, the best thing is to invest in good materials even if they come with plastic, and that their useful life is long and we do not have to spend again on new ones in a very long time.

Well this is all we have in our bathroom. Long time ago I had many little flasks, samples, stuff everywhere… For my hair I do not use anything (hair gums …), as I always I have it short.

It has been time and effort, and above all trial and error, and here we  will continue, learning. I like having few things in the bathroom, because cleaning it takes 10 minutes and gives a lot of peace to see so few things lying around.

Do you have suggestions or comments? You can write us directly or leave a comment below!


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