Where to sleep in Bentota and Negombo

As the last leg of our route through Sri Lanka in tuk tuk, we stayed one night in Bentota and another in Negombo. How about these cities we saw practically nothing, here we explain where to sleep near the airport and our express stop in Bentota.

Route from Tangalle to the international airport

As you can see, it was a fairly long stretch until we reached Negombo. There we returned the tuk tuk and stayed in a hotel until midnight, when we had to leave to take the plane to New Delhi.

The route is very different than before, it can be appreciated the tourist density and massive. The streets and beaches are much dirtier and there is more chaos. These routes are best to be done early in the morning, because from midday onwards the traffic is very dense.

Where to stay in Bentota

We looked for a guest house that was far from the center. Therefore, we were in a quiet area of Bentota. It was across the river and the owner has some boats and offers to give you a ride, but we just wanted to rest.

The city is quite chaotic and they chase tourists to sell them everything. For that reason, we bought food to take away and lots of fruit and we had dinner in the room of the guest house.

Where to stay near the airport

Both at arrival and at the way back we stayed in guest houses that were very close to the airport, both very clean. Moreover, at the second for 250 LKR we were taken to the airport by tuk tuk at midnight.

This was the first one where we stayed. It was a bit expensive but it is one kilometer from the airport. The second was cheaper and was 3 kilometers away. Both are fine, but since both are stuck at the airport you can hear the planes take off every 10 minutes without any pause.

Colombo’s chaotic airport

To enter the check-in counters you have to pass the security control, and it is quite chaotic. Therefore, plan about 3.5 hours in advance because you must go through the check first, check-in desk (in Air India was required even if you did online), immigration counter and control before boarding the plane.

Anyway, the good thing is that we had our own food and water to avoid eating at the airport or plane.

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