What to visit in Vágar

The island of Vágar, is one of the 18 islands of the archipelago of the Faeroe, is the third largest, after Streymoy and Eysturoy. In this post I will talk about what to see on the island of Vágar.

It is the place where the only airport in the archipelago is located, therefore, where we all arrive for the first time when we land in the Faroe Islands. By car you can see the south face of the island in one morning. If you also want to know more about how to visit these islands, I recommend you this post.


Our AirBnB  was located in this island,  in the town of Sandavágur. It was a typical Faroese house divided into two, where the lower floor was an independent apartment. The house was super warm and had parking next to it.

In addition, the landlords invited us to a typical dinner and explained their customs. From this accommodation we were able to move around the islands, since by car it doesn’t take more than 1.5h to get to the other side.

What to visit in Vágar

This is the route that we did, it is not more than 45km and by car it takes one hour. However, it is usually done in 2-3 hours because at each stop you will always want to take lots of pictures.

1. Gasadalur

It is a small town on the coast, in a kind of valley enclosed between steep mountains, overlooking the sea over a cliff of tens of meters, and next to a stream that takes a leap into the void in a waterfall that falls into the sea.

Right next we saw a herd of cows from the Highlands! they are super cute!

2. Bøur

It is a town of 74 inhabitants, located in the west of the island, in the fjord known as Sørvágsfjørður. It is the closest town is Gásadalur with which it joins through a one-way tunnel.

3. Trøllkonufingur

The witch’s finger is a curious rock formation on the mountain. It has a beautiful viewpoint from which you can see the natural sculpture as well as the fjord and the Sandavágur town.

4. Sandavágur

It has less than 1000 inhabitants and its importance comes from having been the place of residence of the highest legal authority of the islands until 1816. In addition, our landlord explained that in this church, dated in 1917, there is a runic stone of 1200.

Although we could not go to see these places, I recommend going to:

5. Sørvágsvatn

It is the largest lake in the Faroe Islands and where the waterfall is located.

6. Bøsdalafossur

Lake that falls directly to the sea from 30 m high.


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