Today we will interview… la maleta de Carla! #Viajarsinplástico

Carla and her boyfriend, Adrián, are the authors of the travel blog La maleta de Carla. During their adventures around the world, they realized that plastic poses a great threat to the environment. They have put an end to this, would you like to know how?

Carla participates in plastic collections with Pure Clean Earth and is a representative of Trip Drop, to help while traveling. But in addition to everything she does for the environment, she is also an ardent defender of traveling without plastic. We have interviewed her in order to learn more about her and thus, eliminate all the plastic of our trips.

1. When and why did you decide to travel plastic free?

Before I started traveling without plastic I started cutting out plastic on my daily life. When I moved in with my boyfriend, I realized the big amount of trash we were generating on a weekly basis, specially plastics. So I started to think about ways to reduce waste, to read articles and watch documentaries. And since I was already changing my habits, why not making some changes on my trips? In 2016 we travelled to the US and Cuba and noticed that we were also producing a lot of waste when traveling. So we bought reusable bottles and cutlery and started refusing single use plastic. Since then, we’ve slowly made small changes and we’re still learning on how to travel in a more responsable way.


2. Where is for you the easiest country to travel zero waste?

Surprisingly Southeast Asia, specially the Philippines. There’s just so many options to avoid waste. We even did this challenge where we went on a full month trying to avoid single use waste. And this was the final result:

The Philippines were so easy to travel without plastic and any kind of waste!

3. Do you have any recommendations to reduce waste when traveling?

Observe your waste. We’re not the same and I believe the first step is to take a look at your habits and your waste and start changing little by little. Zero waste is not a change that you can achieve overnight. I’ve been slowly transforming my habits for 5 years and I’m sure I still have a long way to go. There’s many things I’m still not comfortable with, so I keep investigating and learning.


4. What do you include your zero waste travel kit?

Bottle of water and a tote bag. I also usually bring a stainless steel straw, reusable cutlery or chopsticks and a cloth for sandwiches or pastries.


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