Streymoy island route

It is the largest island in the Faroe Islands where its capital, Tórshavn, is. To drive there from Vágar there is an underwater tunnel. The  island is amazing and from the highway is possible to see Vágar from the other side.  In this post we talk about our route on Streymoy Island.

For any general information about the Faroe Islands, you can read this post and you can also read all the information on how to travel to the Faroe Islands in a sustainable way and Zero Waste.

Route by the Streymoy island

The road is in very good condition and by driving through the following directions  making the you can visit almost the entire island in one day. There are alternative routes that can be done privately by hiring a tourist company, but we decided to travel slow and enjoy the landscape and stops to take pictures.

Kvívík Igloos

Although they do not really look comfortable inside, it is true that they are very curious to see from the outside. The views from where they are located are impressive.


It is an old farm located on the coast of a small lagoon of brackish water. Previously it was accessible from the sea, but a storm blocked the passage isolating it from the sea.

At the moment it is a town of 14 inhabitants that has a church constructed in 1848.

Vestmanna Cliffs

We drove to the nearest town to see if we could approach the cliffs on foot, but it is just possible to see them from a boat.  Therefore, we could just visit the town  next to them (which is also very beautiful).

Fossá Waterfall

It is the highest waterfall on the Faroe Islands, it is right on a bend in the road, so you have to look for parking on the shoulder.

The best way to see it is from the road in front on the island Eysturoy (15 min driving). There is a viewpoint from which you can go out to photograph it because it is truly impressive.


It is the capital of the Faroe Islands and where almost half of the country’s population resides. The recommended visit point is the neighborhood of Tinganes. This is the historic center of Tórshavn which, with its traditional wooden houses, looks more like a village than the center of a country’s capital

We were lucky enough to arrive on a holiday and our friend L. saw a lot of people gathered and I was sure it was because they gave something away, and that’s how it was! They distributed typical food to promote the local fishing: salmon, cod, prawns … We had our cloth napkins and bee wax wraps, so we could avoid that waste. The dishes that served the food were bamboo (or at least vegetable), and we reused one several times.



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