Sex and zero waste

Well, it is actually a very important post that we have been asked about many times.  It’s not just about sex, we’re also talking about health as well as zero waste. Contraceptive methods are very important to avoid unplanned pregnancies. But, why do we want to highlight the use of condoms?

Nowadays there are many contraceptive options on the market, and each one should choose the one that best fits. However, condoms apart from working as contraceptives, have also played a role in preventive medicine healthcare. So, why are condoms so related to zero waste?

Preventive healthcare

Condoms go far beyond being a simple contraceptive method, because it also plays helps preventing sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s). Therefore, being part of the so-called preventive healthcare. This is a field focused on the prevention of appearance and spreading of diseases as well as other health disorders (such as obesity). Through preventive medicine, we not only save money, but also avoid spending resources on diseases that could have been prevented. Another example of primary preventive medicine would be the vaccines.

Sex and zero waste

So, we would like to point out two different ideas: on the one hand, there are methods to avoid unwanted pregnancies (contraceptives) and on the other hand, there is only one way to avoid STDs: condoms.

Therefore, unless you have a stable partner and have knowledge of his/her health history, it will be necessary to use condom to avoid STDs, even if you are currently using other contraceptive methods. In recent years, with the improvement in contraceptive methods, many people have forgotten about STDs and their incidence is increasing. For example, since HIV is easier to treat now by retrovirals and people are just “fearless”.

Nonetheless, by using condoms we avoid at the same time unwanted pregnancies and infectious diseases. Therefore, with a single condom we save all the resources that would  go for the treatment of a perfectly preventable disease, we control the human population and don’t put our health at risk.

The power one condom has on the health of our planet is incalculable.

But, we can still improve the impact if we add the following characteristics to condoms …

Vegan and natural latex condoms

Well, we have been investigating how we can further reduce our carbon footprint by using condoms and have found the best solution: natural latex vegan condoms (without casein).


Glyde is a company based on the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases since 1991. In addition to its work in campaigns against HIV, it also helps reducing its impact through the use of natural materials and cruelty free certification (PETA vegan certification).

You can buy them at the website of Hydrophil.


It is a German-based company that aims for a greener future not only regarding condoms but also menstruation.

You can buy their products either at their online store or in Amazon.

Prices and our experience nuestra

We continue using condoms because neither of us likes hormonal contraceptive treatments and for us still okay to use them. In the future we will probably look for other methods (such as vasectomy or tubal ligation), but for now we are fine with them.

After having tried them we give our full approval and they also have the same price as any other brand in the market. But with the advantages that they are also respectful with the environment.

We totally recommend you to try them too. Because by using them you can enjoy at the same time reducing our carbon footprint.

* We thank Hydrophil for providing us the samples and helping to spread the word of zero waste in this field both in our blog and instagram.



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