Plastic free alternatives for Dog Poop Bags

One aspect that we have been asked many times are plastic free alternatives for dog’s poop bags. Therefore, we have decided to look for alternatives for you. 

However, since everyone has a very different home/pet situation, we will discuss many choices and you can choose the one that fits better to you.  Anyhow, in recent posts we have also discussed how we do manage at home with our cats litter waste.

Sustainability and dog poop bags

In this post we will describe two different poop bag options: to make them yourself or buy them made. If you don’t want to make your bags to collect your dog’s feces there are some companies that sell paper bags already made. However, I would like to emphasize that the carbon footprint of paper production is even greater than that of plastic production.

Nonetheless, the paper has the advantage that if it ends up in the forest or the ocean,  it will degrade to quicker and less harmful. With this being said, when paper ends up in landfills, it will eliminate biogas (methane) instead of CO2 with a greater power of the greenhouse effect due to the anaerobic fermentation process (without oxygen). Therefore, the ideal is to first reuse, then compost it and finally buy new paper bags.

Hygiene measures

Dogs can transmit infectious diseases to humans (and vice versa), these are called zoonoses. However, if your animal correctly follows the deworming and vaccination calendars, we should not be worried about it. But, keep in mind that not all owners take hygienic measures and therefore we should avoid as much as possible to be in contact with other dog’s feces. Additionally, there are parasitic diseases whose symptoms in a healthy dog ​​can be very mild but can be very dangerous in humans.

For example, Toxocara canis is a dog intestinal nematode (worm) that can cause blindness in children when transmitted by dog’s ​​feces. However, healthy adult dogs that are slightly parasitized may be asymptomatic. Therefore, it is very important that we collect the feces of our dogs, because diseases that affect them hardly can be fatal for others.

1. Newspapers

The best option is to make the bags yourself from newspaper or any paper you do not use. In this way, in addition to saving plastic (and money) we recycle the resources we have at hand.

We did a YouTube tutorial about how to make a bag to collect the feces of dogs.

2. Ask your friends for their bags

Another option is to ask small stores or business to give you the bags, boxes or any other packaging waste that they were gonna discard anyway. This way you reuse and will give them a second life.

Moreover, you can ask friends or family  as well to give you bags or boxes that you can use for this purpose. Finally, you can use toilet paper or similar to collect the feces

3. Commercially available alternatives

I will post here six companies that produce paper bags  to collect feces and where you can purchase them. We haven’t tried any of them, therefore, we cannot give you any personal feedback or review.

1. K9 Clean Doggy Box


This is their website.

2. Just run




3. Eco poop

Spain, Portugal and some EU countries

Animal Natura

4. I poo picker



Eco-friendly Paper Dog Poop Bag

5. the poo pick


Website & Amazon





Trixie 2345 1×10 St. Dog Pick Up Hundekotgreifer


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