Just Smile toothbrushes

Just Smile is a Belgian company whose history has made them realize how important is to keep the Planet plastic free and alive.

Just Smile

“Every single member of our team is passionate about travelling and exploring new, remote places. During our travels, we have come to realize the significant consequences caused by plastic (over)consumption. We hiked mountains and found plastic packaging along our way, snorkelled in oceans between plastic bags and sunbathed next to plastic bottles and toothbrushes instead of next to coconuts. We have seen with our own eyes how the overuse of plastic is completely destroying our nature and environment. We need to act now. We have decided that we cannot wait for others to solve these issues for us! We need to start making the necessary changes ourselves and stop finding excuses to push it to tomorrow.”


Their products

Their toothbrushes are made of bamboo with two different options: charcoal bristles or nylon. They encourage to remove the bristles before discarding the toothbrush for a better recycling and sorting process.

Moreover, the style of the products make them perfect for traveling since the cover is hard. 

Our experience

We have been using them for the last months and we definitely can recommend them. Our dentists are very happy with our dental health, and we can only thank just smile for their high product.

Coupon code for september – october 2019

Just Smile is offering a discount code for one month! Don’t miss it 🙂




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