Hundreds of puffins in Mykines Island

It is an island next to Vágar, which can only be reached by ferry. Its main interest is that it is the island with more puffins of the Faroe Islands. In addition, there is only access to a restricted number of people per day and there are no motor vehicles on the island.

Ferry to Mykines

It leaves from Sorvagur, a small coastal town south of Vágar. We booked it several weeks in advance, it is important to do it in high season. In case the sea is very wavy, the ferry does not leave and you get the money back.

Get ready for a moving boat tour! However, you will enjoy beautiful views

Route in Mykines


Hólmur lighthouse

The best route to see the puffins is to go to the Hólmur lighthouse. It is a lighthouse on a cliff surrounded by the nests of the Puffins, you can walk from the town where the boat leaves us.

In reality it will take several hours (3-4) because you will soon see hundreds of puffins and want to make stops.



They are all the way to the lighthouse. Be careful because their nests are between the road, since they are like a kind of burrows.

The impressive cliffs also allow the Puffins to take off and fly with the currents.


Mykiness city

There really is not much: a public restroom, a guest house and a kind of “bar”. We refuged from the cold to wait for the ferry back in that bar. Although it was very expensive, we appreciated the hot chocolate that we drunk.



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