How to wash the dishes without plastic

Cleaning products can be toxic to us, as well as to the environment. Therefore, here I explain how do we do to clean eco-friendly and plastic-free at home.

Washing the dishes

Did you know that kitchen sponges are a source of bacteria?

  • Nature presented in 2017 a study showing that kitchen sponges could be a source of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
  • The solution would be then, be able to sterilize the sponge, but, plastic is not  heat-stable,  and can release toxins when heating, here I tell you a little more about the additives used in plastic,.
  • In addition, when cleaning, microplastics are released, that pass through the filters and contaminate the oceans.

Loofah and solid soap

Loofah and Aleppo soap

Luffa is a plant of the Cucurbitaceae family, its fruits can be dried and used as sponges or scourers. In addition, they can be sterilized (I wet it and I put 20 seconds in the microwave), don’t produce microplastics and are compostable. You can buy your luffa in many plastic-free shops.

As solid soaps for washing the dishes there are these possibilities:

  • Castilla soap: olive oil.
  • Marseille soap: traditional soap based on vegetable oils
  • Aleppo soap: olive oil with laurel oil

You can make liquid soap from the solid, Nuria, who is an expert explains it to us like this:

  1. Take some pieces of your solid soap and triturate it
  2. Mix 150 gr of soap with 600ml of water and mix it until is diluted
  3. Let it overnight in water
  4. You got it!


Sometimes luffa does not scrape enough, therefore, we also use coconut scrubs, called tawashi in the traditional Japan to clean. Their bristles are biodegradable.

100% cotton cloth

To dry the dishes, we use 100% organic cotton cloth, so that when clean it in the washing machine it releases any plastic microfibers.

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