How to use a safety razor

Using a safety razor might scare a little at first, but once you get used it, you will see that there is almost no difference with the single-use “normal”. Moreover, they even cut better and are more secure.  Do you want to learn more about zero waste shaving?

Why are safety razors more sustainable?

  • Only the blade is replaced
  • Can be disassembled, cleaned and dried
  • The different parts can be replaced and repaired
  • They can last a lifetime
  • You will prevent more cuts

How to assemble the razor

The razor consists of 3 parts (head, base and handle) and the blade. The last one is completely replaceable once its not sharp.

To assemble it, first introduce the blade in the head, then adjust the base and at the end screw the handle (you can watch it in the video).

How to use the razor

1.Wet the surface and apply soap

We use Castile soap, which we moisten to make foam and then we apply it on the skin to shave.

2. Shaving

It is better to shave against the direction of the hair at approximately 45º. Every so often moisten the blade to remove hair and excess soap, apply more soap if necessary.

3. Hydration

I use Rosehip oil or rice germ after shaving to moisturize the skin, it is amazing and smells great.

Where to buy the razor

Before, it was usual to find them also in the hardware store. Ours is from Bambaw zero waste, but you can buy it in almost all zero waste online and physical stores.

Blades are available in Amazon, at any hardware store or zero waste store. Finally, never, ever simply throw away a blade. It’s too much of a risk to kids, pets, sanitation workers, and yourself. Therefore, look into your city regulation or guidelines for disposing it. Just don’t forget that razors are not recyclable. 

Here you can watch a video tutorial

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