How to travel Zero Waste to Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are remote islands in the Atlantic Ocean. They  are isolated and therefore it is very difficult to travel Zero Waste and plastic-free to the Faeroe Islands because everything has to be imported. That is why it has been very hard for us to avoid plastic waste on this trip, but we have done our best.

As the weather is very cold and windy, is very difficult for Faroese people to grow their own food. Therefore, there are very few markets and we had to buy at the supermarket, where everything is wrapped in plastic and it is very difficult to obtain anything zero waste.

Food for the Plane

We brought some hummus sandwiches and dried snacks with us. To wrap the sandwiches, we used wraps of beeswax and some cotton bags.

The water bottle can be filled at the airport shortly after the control pass. Do not be afraid to pass the bottle for control, if it is empty there are no problems.

Tap water

In the Faroe Islands they have the best water in the world, so we simply filled our bottles in the morning from the tap.

Food and supermarkets

To buy without plastic or in bulk is very difficult. Just try to get the most out of the supermarkets and bring your own bags. For fruits, vegetables and the bakery it is easy to buy almost everything without plastic, but some items can be harder to find. We bought our food in Bonus or fk supermarkets.

For this reason, we took a lot of dry food (pasta, lentils …) from Germany and bought the bread there. In addition, we also brought some nuts as snacks.

The beer can be bought in some supermarkets of alcoholic beverages and the glass bottle is returnable. This is a great way of saving waste and to travel Zero Waste to the Faroe Islands

However, if you go to a restaurant, ask kindly and you will be served drinks and food without plastic.

Be ready

We always say it, the best way to avoid waste is to go prepared. Take your zero waste kit and avoid unplanned waste. Preparation is the key that saved us from producing waste on many occasions and with each experience we learn a little more. This will be the best way to go zero waste to the Faroe Islands.


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