How to reduce waste with cats

Our feline companions also have to begin with zero waste. Therefore, we have been reducing waste from our cats. However, I have to say that it is very difficult in some aspects, although not so much in others. We will write about how to reduce waste with cats.

Basically there are two or three aspects to reduce waste with cats, since cats in general are very simple.

1. Food

Our furry ones eat feed for castrated animals. Therefore, it is very difficult to find it in bulk. Therefore, what we do is buying in 15 kg format. This sack lasts approximately 3 to 4 months, since being of very good quality, they need less quantity. Sometimes we buy cans as treats, but we have reduced them for health and ecology issues.

2. Cat’s litter

In this case, we use plan- based  litter. It is true that it is less ecological, but I know that if it ends up in the environment, it can be integrated well. Therefore, in this case we have also opted for a bio and ecological brand.

In addition, it makes litter pellets with the pee making it to last twice.  Consequently, it is super simple to clean and doesn’t smell. It is a pity that we didn’t discover it before, because it is a saving for us and for the planet

Finally, when the bag is empty, we re use it as waste bag for their waste. This way, we skip buying plastic bags and reuse what we already have.




3. Toys

It should be noted that cats don’t need many toys. The animals are happy with anything and some boxes to hide. What we do is to ask for boxes of orders at work and build things with them.


4. Health

Medical prevention is the most zero waste that we can find. If our animals are healthy, vaccinated and castrated, we eliminate many risks of getting sick. Therefore, taking care of your loved cats properly, we will avoid the waste associated with poor handling and care.

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