Hemp rope and cork leash for sustainable dogs

We have had the pleasure to review personally the vegan hemp ropes and the dog cork collar of the Slovenian company Hempchewer. We got to know them from their beautiful Instagram page.


Hempchewer is the result of a beautiful handmade work. It is a small Slovenian company whose creator makes collars for dogs made of hemp, cork and sustainable fibers. All are vegans and incorporate unique details that look outstanding in our pets. The project is the result or her inspiration, Tara. You can read her complete story here.


The collars are made of cork with golden touches and the leash is made of durable hemp. Both pieces are made to withstand the weight and pulls of strong dogs. The underlying importance of choosing high quality materials is the fact that they will last longer. Thus, reducing our impact and of our pets.

In addition, by purchasing from small business, we are helping them grow and raising sustainable economy.

Jenna’s experience

We have been able to review the quality of the leash personally, but we have additionally  asked for a second opinion of an expert, Jenna the mutt.

Jenna is a beautiful dog with lots of energy that also shows how to be a sustainable dog. You can learn from her through her Instagram and her mom, Raquel. We love to see how beautiful she looks like when wearing her hemp leash, and soon her collar too.

Where to buy them

On her online, you will find many different models. They are also very quick to send any order.




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