Getting to Nuwara Eliya by tuk tuk!

During this part of the route our companion almost felt into despair. She could not believe that he could go so slowly and drive so high. But we did it!

Route to Nuwara Eliya

And we drove up, and up and up … until we thought that we couldn’t get higher. And still  there was a big stretch to reach Nuwara Eliya. Although it seemed that the tuk tuk could not stand or at least did not move forward (we were going at 20km / h …), we finally arrived! The atmosphere was of admired despair. As we always say, you have to enjoy along the way, because sometimes you arrive too late and are not able to see everything in the city, and this was the case.

First we went through beautiful rice fields, which were green and full of birds. Then, we started to drive between the tea fields. Take a jacket because is beautifully cold!

Where to sleep in Nuwara Eliya

Here we stayed in a super nice guest house. They were super friendly and helped us a lot (especially to light the tuk tuk since in the morning it was difficult to start). Of course, it is important to request an extra blanket, it is very cold at night.

What to visit in Nuwara Eliya

Tea plantations

It is fascinating and hypnotic the way to Nuwara, since first you go through the rice plantations (beware of leeches !!!! I took a souvenir) and slowly the landscape switches to tea plantations.

The landscape is amazing, and the feeling is of being in another world. Thanks to the tuk tuk, it gave us time to see everything very well, advantages of driving so slow…

There is the possibility of visiting a tea factory, but we did not have time.


Although we could only see one of the three, I will write about the ones that you can visit near the city.

1. Saint Clair waterfall

It is known as the small Niagara of Sri Lanka and is 80 m high and 50 m wide, has two water bags and the surrounding environment full of vegetation and tea plantations.

2. Devon waterfall

It is 100m high and one of the most beautiful on the planet. Its name comes from Devon, the English owner of a nearby coffee plantation. You can access from Hatton Nuwara Eliya road being one of the most interesting points to contemplate it.

3. Lover’s leap

You have to walk up a high stretch, between the tea plantations, enjoying the beautiful views.
We drove with our tuk tuk halfway and the other walking because it was very high. In the vídeo you can fully watch the waterfall.


Victoria’s gardens

It is a park that is right in the center of the city, very nice to walk around.  Moreover, it was opened in 1897 when it was visited by a princess from Germany. It has many birds that can be seen.

Walk through the city

It is a beautiful city to take a walk, full of restaurants and street stalls. It is a good place to buy souvenirs, since the price is lower than in other cities.





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