Everything you need to know about #PlasticfreeJuly

We are about to start the month of July and the planet is shouting at us that action needs to be taken. A heat wave is hitting Europe and the high temperature are not just “because it’s summer” but because an extraordinary phenomenon that has not happened for more than 15 years. 

Therefore, we must take action now. A small push would be to join the challenge of social networks #plasticfreeJuly. In this post we will write a little more about it, anyway this is our way of seeing the challenge of plastic free july, other people may approach it differently and equally validly.

The challenge

The challenge is to try to live a month producing the minimum amount of waste, it is called July without plastic because in general the biggest source of waste at home is plastic. However, the definitive idea of the challenge is to try to reduce as much as possible.

It is very similar to the challenge of Futuristic february, but this time a little more focused on the environmental problem caused by the plastic.

Our point of view

Although it may seem overwhelming to go plastic free in July, we recommend you to start slowly so that the challenge does not overwhelm you. For us, this challenge is about refusing any single-use item: straws, plastic cups, napkins … we always carry a zero waste kit with everything necessary in it in the bag or backpack. Going prepared is the best way to avoid any unnecessary waste.

It is important to not replace plastic with paper if possible since it is much more polluting and difficult to produce than plastic. Glass is a good solution if we can reuse the jar, otherwise we can not abuse this way of packaging. Glass production and recycling need a lot of energy and since it is heavy its transport is less sustainable in the long run.

Well, it seems very complex, but it’s simple! Do not get overwhelmed, follow our tips and you will see how easy for you is to make a significant change this July.

10 Tips to avoid waste

Our tips for a July without plastic, zero waste and more sustainable are these:

  1. Avoid buying bottles this summer, always be prepared with your reusable bottle.
  2. Refuse bags, straws, plastic cups, in general any single-use item. If you carry a cloth bag, a metal straw or a reusable glass you will save tons of plastic.
  3. Try to avoid the supermarket and buy in your neighborhood grocery store or farmers market, take your containers and you will have a purchase with the minimum waste.
  4. Try solid shampoo and soap.
  5. Go ahead and give the menstrual cup and cloth compresses a try.
  6. Look for bulk alternatives for those products which bottle you have finished this month: laundry detergent, window cleaner…
  7. Slowly stop using paper napkins at home and replace them with cloth napkins.
  8. Join plastic cleanups in mountains and beaches and report if you see bars or restaurants whose garbage ends up in the sea.
  9. Avoid eating meat and other animal origin products, eating more fruit and vegetables will not only be healthier but also reduce your carbon footprint.
  10. Share the challenge with your friends and family! Let’s make this challenge a way of life.

We are going to comment alternatives for many products and show how we survive this challenge in our instagram. Do you want to see how we do it?


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