breathtaking route throug Eysturoy Island

Actually, from this route what is most enjoyed are the wonderful landscapes and routes. It is a route of about two hours by road crossing mountains and climbing mountain passes. Above all, the most beautiful thing is to discover the small coastal towns hidden between fjords.

For any general information about the Faroe Islands, you can read this post and you can also read all the information on how to travel to the Faroe Islands in a sustainable way and Zero Waste.

Route by the Eysturoy island

We recommend going with a lot of tranquility and enjoying the views. It’s an amazing landscape and it’s worth stopping from time to time to take photos.

Risin y KellingiN

It is past the village of Eidi, you have to drive to Funnigur and after a bend you can see perfectly.

It is part of one of the Nordic legends of the Faroe Islands, starring a giant and his wife witch. The two had been sent from Iceland to steal the Faroe Islands and take them back under the power of their country. The two creatures tied the Eiðiskollur mountain with a huge rope to pull the islands and move them towards Iceland. But a part of the mountain broke and, busy with their work, they did not realize that the first daylight arrived. They were nocturnal creatures, the Sun could transform them into stone … and so it was.


On the same road, there is a detour to the village of Funningur. One of those roads as impossible as the Faroese landscapes. After many endless curves you reach the village. In addition the panoramic road continues bordering another fjord, the Funningsfjørður.


A town of fifty inhabitants, with its wooden houses with a grass roof and fish hanging to dry, around a two-hundred meter gorge that opens to the ocean.




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